Problem with dkim

Hello again, first i want to thank all who respond me every time, thanks to you i can go ahead with my server.

Well my problem now is this, i use the domain keys option, i click in install, then enable but after that bind dns server stop working, i have to delete the aditional txt records to get bind dns work again. Any idea? its happen in every server i have, when automatly the server add the others server in Additional domains to sign for .

i want to have every email with this, but dont know why its notworking. i have

Postfix version 2.9.5
BIND version 9.8.2

sorry i try to see logs or somethign, but just says fail sintax with those dkim records.


Yeah, there’s a bug in the current Virtualmin version that can cause it. It’ll be fixed in the next release.

In the meantime, there’s an update to a file provided here that you can use if you want to manually apply the fix… look at comment #6:

Hi, thx this work but now i ahve another problem. I have a form in server and use mail function in php and get this error in google.

But when i send via virtualmin i get this
so i need to do any special when signin emails? i test puttin exactly the same from, sent to and email address but via php dkim fail and via virtualmin not fail. Any idea? and theres it a info from

why says that is modofy?