Problem with CGI not working

Does it make any difference that there is no apache2 directory like asked for earlier.

No. Eric was speaking of Debian/Ubuntu paths. No such path exists on CentOS.

That suexec_log is really old. This one is the one I’m talking about:

[2009-06-03 12:10:16]: uid: (500/saweb) gid: (501/501) cmd: index.cgi [2009-06-03 12:10:16]: target uid/gid (500/501) mismatch with directory (500/501) or program (0/0)

Again, this tells me that your scripts are not owned by the user. 0/0 is root.

Okay thanx was just checking

So any idea what I need to do now or do need to login to see.

Remeber that the same script also wont work on the one other domains

I still want to see the actual files you’re trying to run. As far as suexec is concerned they are owned by root:root, which will never work. In other words, as far as I know, everything is behaving as it should.

So, who owns install.cgi and index.cgi? (The file list you showed us earlier does not contain those files.)


The scripts was owned by Root, changed it to the domains user and
bang it started to work, after a few more file settings where changed it’s running.

Thanx Eric and Joe for all the help.

Now comes the slow pain staking job of customising it again.

Feel free to call back in a week to see the final result.

Its great to use a program(Webmin/Virtualmin)
where the guys handling the support are as clued up with whats going on
and as helpfull as you guys.

One Happy Camper