Problem with admin.domain and webmail.domain

I am new to Virtualmin, my domain is “

I am using cloudflare as DNS

My problem here is that I cant go to the control panel via the link admin.domain.tld, or webmail.domain.tld

  1. I can go to panel by “” or “anything.domain.tld:10000”
    but fail when “domain.tld:10000” or “admin.domain.tld”

I checked the redirect of admin.domain and webmail.domain is on

Is there something more I have to set at Cloudflare? or at virtualmin?

  1. when ever I type “random.domain.tld”

it show “ungrading server…”, where can I fix it? or change the page?

thanks alot!

I suppose Cloudflare does not do nameserver delegation or proper wildcard matching… So you need to configure Cloudflare so that “domain.tld” and “admin.domain.tld” resolves to your IP address, in addition to “www.domain.tld” which is probably already configured.

For further tests, I’d need to know the actual domain names and IP addresses involved instead of placeholders.

Yea the DNS thing is killing me right now but is a good thing that I am learning it.

My domain is “” IP “”

  1. I found that when I use CDN services, the IP will be different all the time that is why “domain:10000” doesn’t work. When I turn off the CDN services it work again, so I will have to use a sub-domain which CDN is off.

  2. I still have trouble for “” and “”. It is not going to the log-in panel and it goes to a page with “ungrading server…”

This “ungrading server…” appears on any subdomain such as “fd78sd.domain.tld” which points to the IP.

This page also appears when I just go to the IP at browser “”

  1. My problem now is how can I make “” and “” work!


Is the IP your server or something from Cloudflare?

“webmail” and “admin” are pointing to the correct IP, “www” and just the domain point to something at Cloudflare.

Generally you need to configure Cloudflare (if you use solely their DNS and not web services) to point ALL domains and subdomains to your IP address. May I ask why you use Cloudflare for DNS and not your server?

“admin…” seems not to get properly forwarded in your Apache, that’s why you see that “ungrading server” message, which seems to be a bad translation for some Apache default page that is shown when Apache doesn’t know which host to serve.

This is probably some misconfiguration in your Apache virtual servers, a complex issue though, very hard to debug remotely. I could offer you, for a moderate fee, to take a look at your systems myself (through SSH and Webmin - which you’d need to configure to English then, as I don’t read/speak Chinese or whatever that language is :wink: ). Let me know if you’re interested in that.

I am the designer of the site, not very good with server-side, just know a little and kept trying

I am hand this to my server guy, was just hoping I can fix it by myself but it’s a lot harder than it looks.

My temporary solution is the create a sub-server “” and use “website redirects” to redirect to “” it kinds of work but the only thing is that it is not “alias”, the “:20000” still shows up at the end of the URL. But I think it will be good enough for now

Is there any other way I can set “” alias to “” ?


Redirects in Apache cannot “alias/hide” the port number, not even the complex mod_rewrite can do that.

It’s a client-side security measure: If your browser is showing a website on port 20000, you want your URL bar to reflect that.

If you actually wish to have it appear like the data from port 20000 is delivered on default port 80, you need to do a reverse proxy using mod_proxy.