Problem to install phpmyadmin on ubuntu 16.04


When i try to use the install script and install phpmyadmin i end up whit this error:

This script cannot be installed, as it requires PHP version 5.

Way is this happen?


Yeah, that’s an unfortunate bug with Virtualmin’s support of Ubuntu 16.04… Joe will be pushing out a new release shortly to correct that!


I’ve updated the Webmin 1.795. The problem still exists after installing this update. Any help?

Hi Eric,

While waiting for new updates, how to install phpmyadmin? Would you help me with this?


Hey folks.
I am having the same issue after the server died and I reinstalled both ubuntu 16.04 and virtualmin 5.02 webmin 1.795. How long are we looking at a update or is there a quick fix to get me past this to get the business site back up asap.?

Mr Darren Scott.
Darcatech LTD .
And you can also install php 5.6 with ondrej ppa and have both versions running on your machine.