Problem install , error line164

I tried to install Virtualmin in a server of the USA (flat server) with centos and it shows an error to me, that profit not to find to locate because it leaves, I either did not find anything in the network, on this subject

The error is in:

It reviews the dependencies in the Web of virtualmin and I have yum, curl, wget, Perl, all the prerequirement that Virtualmin says. (Webmin yes OK works, I only have problems with Virtualmin)

There like assuring to me, it installs Virtualmin in a homemade PC with centos and if this working everything very well.

to somebody him to passed the same? some track to solve this problem?



Yikes, that shouldn’t happen! :slight_smile:

I’d recommend filing a bug report using the Bugs and Issues link below, Joe may need to take a look at why the installer is doing that.