problem in Migrate Virtual Server

i have cpanel backup from my website. i want to restore it by migration section
wen i want to migrate this error will be shown
“Failed to migrate virtual server : Missing file to open at mailboxes::/usr/share/webmin/mailboxes/ line 1436”
i loge in as root user in virtualmin
what should i do?
what is problem?


Hmm, that’s an unusual issue… which Linux distribution/version are you using?

And how did you install Virtualmin, did you use the script?



i use linux mint 13(maya)
no-- script do not work with linux mint
i install virtualmin by installing webmin and after that from manual of “” i instal module ****.wbm.gz and ***…wbt.gz from webmin

if with scrip installation my problem will be solved , how can i remove webmin control panel?? and how can i install virtualmin by in linux mint???

i want to install virtualmin with in linux mint because my server network interface only work with linux mint
please help me!
i think if i install with no problem(for example like above problem) were occur

i think if i can change value of $os_type to another( for example ubuntu) in file , i can use it in linux mint


Ah, I remember now, we talked about that over here:

If you’re not using a supported OS, there’s all sorts of problems you can run into – we’d highly recommend using one of the supported OS’s.

However, there’s been folks using Linux Mint 13 who say that they’ve been able to install it by changing their /etc/issue file to look like Ubuntu 12.04.

If you make that change, the script should be able to run properly, since Mint 13 is actually based on Ubuntu 12.04.

However, Mint isn’t something we’ve ever tested, so and using one of the supported OS’s is recommended :slight_smile: