Problem creating new Virtual server.

I created a virtual server,

but when I register the domain it checks for the name servers and
it kept telling me that there where no name servers listed for this domain.

So I decide to delete the domain and try again.

Using Virtualmin I deleted the domain,
But now when I try to re-create it I get this error.

Failed to create virtual server : A unix user called ??? or group called ??? already exists

How do I fix this?


What process did you use to delete the domain?

Had you actually gone into "Disable and Delete" and then "Delete Virtual Server"? Or did you have a different way of doing that?

I used "Disable and Delete"

Because it was not working, but was also having problems with the new domains that did register going to the main domain and not the virtual ones.

That seems to be working now as both the others go to a new page.

This was the third domain and was registered 2 day after those.

I have got the new domain to register now, by using my own user name.

But now I get a message from my registrar that their are no name-servers registered for this domain.

Where must I check for this as I have set it up
and it tells me there are 2 name-servers for the domain under bind

Well, it sounds like you’ve set things up on your server, and that’s the first step.

The second step is not just setting up the nameservers on your own server, but actually registering them with your domain registrar.

You can’t just start plugging nameservers into a registrar for your domain, the IP address and names of the nameservers have to be setup in the registrar before any domain name can use them as a nameserver.

How to do that differs from registrar to registrar – on GoDaddy, you’d go into the domain in question, and down on the bottom left where it says “Host Summary”, you’d choose “Add”.

At that point, you’d just setup all the nameservers you need – associating something like with your IP.

Hi Andy.

I already have about 20 domains on this server, the others work
I had a problem awhile ago when trying to set the HELO on my emails.

My registrar needs the domains to be set-up on my server first,
as it checks for a valid name servers during registration.

I have checked the settings with some of my other domains of the same type ( and the settings appear to be the same.

The roblem is I cant register the new domain till its name servers show online for it