Problem configuring Google Apps MX Records

Dear all,

I have problem configuring Google Apps for one of my domains. I do as tutorials say how to do but when I check on Google’s help site with, it says the MXs are not configured properly. I have disabled Mail for domain for the domain, I have added Google MX records in the recommended order. However, when I try nslookup command, it doesn’t give me Google’s MX records. I searched prior forum threads for the topic but couldn’t solve the problems in light of the prior forum threads.

Any help is highly appreciated.

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So when you go into System Settinsg -> DNS Records, are you seeing the correct MX records listed there?


Hello, Eric.

Thanks for replying.

Yes, the MX records are there and they are correct. But when I do nslookup, I get


You may just be missing a BIND restart – which Linux distro are you using there?


Oh! Naive me! It was because of BIND, and is ok now after a restart.

Thanks a lot for your time helping me, Eric!

Warm Regards