problem after enabling virtualmin module

Hi There,

I own vps and its having some devlopment website when i purchased it i have installed webmin and after i thought of installing virtualmin and i have enabled the module but now i want to enable mail server.

but its annoying to get it done properly.

what are the things to download and to configure proper mail server here i list few i’ve installed it currently.

1.MTA = postfix
2.MDA = dovecot

please list out what are the necessary things to make perfect mail server


Well, if at all possible – the ideal way to setup Virtualmin (and all the related components, such as email, DNS, and so on) is to use the script available in the Downloads section above.

But, that’s best for when you’re working with a fresh install of your distro, and when there’s no live data being served.

Alternatively, if your server is in use now, there are manual installation instructions here: