Pro license problem

I have bought one license for the virtualmin pro. I have installed it only on one production server… and only on my notebook just for testing… Right now, don’t know why, when i login in virtualmin on production server it says "A problem was detected with your Virtualmin license : Your serial number is licenced for only 1 servers, but is being used on 3. " … but it’s not true… how can i check it can’t be… what should I do in this case?.. thank you

Don’t panic. Sometimes the ID generator gets confused if your hostname or IP changes (it has three methods of generating a host ID, and two of them are sensitive to changes–I suspect there is some brokenness in how it decides to fall-back to those other methods).

Anyway, the warning will clear on its own in a couple of days. It is harmless, and no features are effected, and your virtual server owners can’t see the warning. If it remains after a few days, let me know, however, as it’ll eventually trigger a warning on our end (though we won’t shut down your license, even then…we would just send you an email to make sure your license hasn’t been stolen by someone).