private network and domains

i’m using Virtualmin on private network.
i would like acces web site from my LAN like this : , without change hosts file on client.
there is a way to do it .

following the thread as well, please let me know if you find a solution.

I’m not sure if Virtualmin can help with this but there are Chrome extensions that may be of use:

I think the correct approach for this would be split DNS but I am not able to make it work on my webserver till now

if you use linux box as router or network switch, you can use dnsmasq to achieve this or setup entries on your network switch (if you have this option)… That would be instant and dnsmasq is very easy to work with as well.

thanks, I changed my router which now supports hairpinning (FRITZ 7490). being a non-developer was the easiest option.