Preview Website shows php code, but website is served properly under server default url


I have a new server which will host one website (for now). I installed Virtualmin with…and I imported an existing site from another virtualmin (via backup-restore). All went fine as usual. However, when I use the Preview Website function, I am shown the php code…but if I try the default server URL, the website responds properly - the php is interpreted.

The caveat: Originally this server had only webmin, then I installed virtualmin as a module…and after running into every misconfiguration possible, and re-reading Andreychek’s suggestion to completely re-install about 10 times…i did, or at least try to.

I am on CentOs 6.4

I removed all vestiges of php, mysql, http packages through yum…I removed VM modules with rpm -e. I also deleted the etc/httpd and etc/webmin dirs so as to delete the config files…but there are still some cofig files that I failed to delete. This exact issue has returned after 2 attempts.

Which config files (or packages) need to be deleted in order to ensure a fresh re-install?


Considering the current state of my website, I am sure it is a simple path adjustment or directive somewhere…I would rather figure this out so as to learn something.

Thanks in advance