Presales Questions (apparently)


i have a quite small (!) problem.

Client has two servers running openvz with more than 20 containers on debian 6 using a out of date openvz web panel.

As far as i understood already, the underlying operationsystem has to be the same as the guests, given i install openvz from scratch. Now i run into the problem, that an upgrade to Debian 7 is no option due to removing the openvz code from kernel in Debian 7 and also Debian 8 is no option either, due to change of the init system.

Now i am looking into cloudmin. As for your documentation you recommend using CentOS as host os if one wants / needs OpenVZ. Since you support different virtualization technologies: Does this mean, that i need to create new OpenVZ containers with CentOS and rebuild everything from scratch or could i somehow use the existing containers and upgrade / reinstall one at a time? What other options do you see?

Alas, if i setup OpenVZ on a Cloudmin Pro server under CentOS, does this force me to be not able to use a Ubuntu guest or Win2006 Server guest for example?

I have also some VMware virtual machines, which i would like to put into cloudmin for easy access. What is your suggestion to convert the virtual machines into and what to do with the vmdk virtual drive?

I am looking for a flexible solution, where i can use OpenVZ containers, VMware and virtualbox machines. And my Virtualmin servers, which i can, according to your sales page.

Any insight to share, please? The different concepts are confusing me, most of all OpenVZ, because this is different from all other ones. If i am running ESX Server on Linux i can have Windows guests and vice versa, but if i run OpenVZ under Debian 6 all my guest have to be Debian 6, correct?

Licencing: Your licensing Scheme for Cloudmin is, that i can have up to a certain amount of number, lets say 50, hosts or virtual machines or a mixture of both, like wise 6 Servers, and one with 20 vm’s one with 5 vm’s, 3 with 6 vm’s each and one server without vm’s, correct? As i remember your Virtualminpricing is per server per count of virtual servers, right?

I also assume, that i can give ressources to each virtrual machine / container. With OpenVZ i can do this while VM’s are running. Does this also apply to other technologies? For Backuppurposes the containers of OpenVZ have to be stopped and restarted after backup is done This will be made automatically in the Cloudmin backupfeature, i think, is it the same with other technologies?

30 days money back - Will you charge the credit card 30 days after initial buying software?

Well then, thanks in advance

PS: Does Cloudmin use also the new theme like Webmin/Virtualmin? Since Cloudmin GPL doesn’t support OpenVZ, it does not make sense at all going through it. And, someone said, there would be Hetzner documentation for installing Cloudmin there, i cannot find it, so if anyone can drop a link, i’d appreciate. Thank you all.


Hmm, that’s a fine question! I hadn’t actually heard that before, that the OpenVZ guests and hosts had to be the same OS.

I don’t want to lead you astray though, so maybe we ought to get Jamie involved with some of your questions.

Could you create a new support request in the support tracker, and just copy and paste this same thread into there?

I’ll answer what I can there, and we’ll get Jamie to help with the rest :slight_smile:



Thanks Eric. Done