Presales Question about domain quantity + Feedback

I have looked for and evaluated literally a dozen different hosting control panels in the past two months and finally came to the decision of Virtualmin Pro. So I told myself that I need to purchase it, I have my own server just for three family sites, no ads, no business, just family sites. I am more than willing to purchase the Pro version since it has the features I am looking for. (I have been manually managing the server for years and now just want to have a nice web-based UI).

However, I do not see that I will ever be using 10 domains, which is obviously the smallest license that is available to purchase. So since I only have personal family sites on the server I was wondering if there is a 5 domain license that is cheaper that I could buy. For me $138.00 is just a bit too much for family sites, especially when I have to renew the license. Is there a way to purchase a five domain license, I just wanted to check before I buy.

Also, I have to provide some feedback. Virtualmin, out of, I believe, 13 other hosting control panels is the best. It was between Virtualmin GPL, Virtualmin Pro, and VHCS… and hands down Virtualmin Pro is the best control panel that I have used. Styled nicely, powerful and speedy, much better than cPanel which I was forced to used for years before I just purchased my own server. Keep up the excellent work and I am very excited to be running such good software very soon.

for a few family website I personally think virtualmin gpl is a good solution and always upgradeable in the future.
I don’t think that the couple of extras like a script installer will be necessary as you are already running the sites.

The look and feel is exactly the same.

See and I had thought about that but I wanted several of the features that the Pro version has but the GPL version does not. Namely the automatic installer scripts, clickable script installers, and Ruby support.

Call me impatient or whatever, after digging into the differences of the GPL version and the paid Pro version I decided to purchase the 10 domain license.

When software is this good, you have to pay the developer for it! :slight_smile: Thanks for such a good product. I think I will be lurking in the forum quite a bit.

When software is this good, you have to pay the developer for it!

Thanks for the vote of confidence. We’ll do our best to make it worth every penny. :wink:

No problem on the vote of confidence, you have mine! I have installed Virtualmin on my Ubuntu 8.04 Server and works perfectly I have rarely seen an install on any of my Linux boxes go as smooth.

Even though this is being used in a personal aspect and I could have probably "gotten by" using the GPL version I believe very highly that developers (especially Open Source developers) should be paid or given donations in order to continue the great effort of developing their software. That is why after reflection I have no problem purchasing this package and even renewing it every year. It is some nice programming. Thanks, you have one more faithful customer.