PreSale Question

Hi all,

I’d like to buy Virtualmin 50 for $99.00

Annual license, support, and software updates subscription for Virtualmin Professional on one server with up to 50 domain accounts.
I have some presale questions: -When the license expire, will I be able to come back to virtualmin gpl? -Can I upgrade from Virtualmin gpl 5.7? - i think yes -Can I pay with PayPal? Does virtualmin have an email for sales? -Somewhere I red virtualmin price decrease every year of payment. Is true? How much?

Thank you very much

there are some details on the buy page:
I pay with paypal too to

I’ll just answer the one Ronald’s answer doesn’t cover:

"-When the license expire, will I be able to come back to virtualmin gpl? "

Yes. Though you’ll need to modify your mail delivery a bit, since Virtualmin GPL doesn’t currently deal with spam/AV at all (but it will in the not to distant future, so this is probably a problem that will go away soon).

If you get the Pro why would anyone go back? I wouldn’t !!!

If you get the Pro why would *anyone* go back? I wouldn't !!!

It’s definitely not a common request. But it could happen. “Free” is often a big selling point for folks. And that’s OK.

We’re happier having someone using Virtualmin GPL than cPanel or Plesk, even if we never see a dime from the user. The more people are familiar with Virtualmin and Webmin, the more popular Virtualmin and Webmin become–familiarity is the best “usability” feature of any product, and the more complicated the common tasks are, the more familiarity matters. Photoshop will always remain the most popular image editing package, because image editing is complicated and people find other tools “harder” to use…but merely because they are unfamiliar with the other tools. While someone can switch between music players without a second thought, switching between systems management tools is a much more complex endeavor.

So, we want people using Virtualmin, always and everywhere! Beginners, experts, hobbyists, and professionals. Whatever you’re doing with your webserver, we want Virtualmin to make it easier for you.

surely Joe. I’am happy to use Virtualmin GPL than cPanel or Plesk and I will never change.

P.S. I send an email to yesterday for the confirmation before payment but I haven’t got an email yet.