Pre-Sales Questions

There is a lot to learn when it comes to web hosting. And I’m hoping that virtualmin can be the tool to help me manage much of the more detailed operations. I am currently using the GPL version, the most recent webmin, on OpenSuse 10.3. I am just testing at the moment, but am a serious potential customer as I am impressed with the product thus far.

In reading through some of your information, I see that OpenSuse 10.0 is supported. So, how about 10.3? Also, what is the status of the early adoption period. You still have the FAQs available on the subject, but the last one specifies that it will end in the first quarter of 07.

I have been struggling with understanding the whole SSL issue with relation to name based virtual hosting and IP based. I need all of the domains that I host to be able to support SSL. This currently is one box behind a firewall using NAT and one ethernet adapter, but will eventually be moved to co-location facilities with the server providing its’ own firewall. Typically, I will only have 1 public IP address (even at the co-lo), so I guess the question here is whether Virtualmin can be configured to support this scenario without me having to spend days/weeks researching and testing configurations.

What are the support ticket limitations at this time? What are the limitations on support helping me get virtualmin to operate with the functionality that I’m looking for?

Specifically, I need a system that I can easily manage and will control virtual hosts (would probably purchase 50) that have SSL, FTP, PHP, MySQL, Postfix (sendmail/courier preferred, not familiar with dovecot mentioned in one of your installation pages), SSH, CGI, etc… Pretty well full virtual hosts.

Can you do it?

I’m normally more patient, but unfortunately this is one instance where I really need to make a decision by the coming weekend. If any of the regulars here have any answers to these questions that would help to.