Pre Sales Question

I see that when you make a purchase that you have to choose the operating system.

If I choose Fedora Core 4 but then later decide to run Cent OS 4 is this going to be a problem with my initial operating system decision?

Also, is Cent OS 4.2 fully supported?

Thank You,


Hey Jason,

Yes and yes.

The install script is not tied to any one OS. We are merely collecting the OS data so that we’ll know what folks are using. A pleasant side-effect of this (and the fact that you can always download the latest version of the install script) is that when new operating systems and versions become available you can “cross-grade” at no cost, and without having to ask permission.

All CentOS 3 and 4 versions are fully supported. If you find otherwise, it’s a bug and we’d like to hear about it.