Pre-Exisiting Apache VHosts after Webmin install


Silly newbie problem, I think: I’ve installed virtualmin GPL on an Ubuntu Hardy development server with an existing Zope/Plone setup using VHosts and mod_proxy/mod_rewrite (& mod_macro, FWIW). I can still get at my sites directly (e.g. via Zope’s HTTP server, not via Apache), but would like to fix this and continue configuring these proxied sites by hand.

The configuration is still in place in sites-available, and the link in sites-enabled. My first virtualmin-managed hosts show up there, but are obviously very different from the proxied sites.

It seems that all the virtualmin stuff is happy enough, but I’m confused by the apparent death of the pre-existing sites. What has me confused is the absence of anything in the apache error and access logs - should I be looking soewhere different now?

I have yet to find docs to cover my problem - any clues would be very welcome!




Have a look at this first:,troubleshooting_common_problems/#the_wrong_site_shows_up

I don’t know exactly what’s happening in your case, and it’s been an awful long time since I’ve managed a Zope/Plone site. But, mismatched VirtualHost and NameVirtualHost stuff seems as likely a candidate as any.

We’d probably need to see the relevant bits of your configuration if there are no errors.

Hi Joe,

Thanks for the quick reply.

I’d actually just fixed it by experimenting - but your link covers the issue, which was that my “old” vhosts used “*”, and using the more explicit “ip:port” was what I needed to do.

Thanks also for virtualmin - I’m still learning and experimenting, but I’m very impressed so far!




Awesome. Thanks for the update.

Yeah, VirtualHost configuration and Apache’s “first best” matching algorithm is confusing to many people, which is why we have a doc about it. :wink: