Posting suggestion, a more useful forum

I’ve noticed kind of a reoccurring theme here, and frankly, on other boards. Where a thread remains kind of … open. Alot of hard questions and powerful answers cross these pages and would be more useful as a search than even the wiki pages, except for one thing. Rarely does one post back if the answer solved their problem.

May I suggest a little etiquette. If the suggestions have solved your problem, post back, and for all practical ways bring a closing to the thread. Or if you solved it on your own, post the solution in the thread. THat way, we may make the solutions come up a little better in a search and reduce the number of times the same question gets posted over and over. Time and again I’ve searched and come up with dangling threads, not knowing if that worked or is seriously outdated or what.

The forum is a great place to be able to share and help, particularly on OS dependent problems that come up that you wouldn’t want to have in a general user manual. But the forum DB can also get seriously large just to load. Not everyone is on a T1 or DS3 speeds. Hopefully, we could reduce the number of redundant inquiries.

Maybe, though, it might just be a Monday and I’m off the wall…:wink:



This is spot on, Dan. Having knowledge of what happened in the aftermath of someone providing suggestions would be valuable. The wiki has grown quite a lot over the past few months, but as you mention there are loads of questions that just aren’t appropriate for the general purpose documentation–they only effect the two people using a particular stack of apps on a particular OS and version, for example. But those two people really need that answer, so the forum should be searchable, fast, reliable, and hopefully a two-way street, so that we know if the answer to be found here is actually sane. We’re working on the technical side to make sure the forum is sound and usable (it needs work, I know), but we can’t provide the follow-up.