Postgresql version?

I am starting to use my server to host a postgresql database for remote usages.
I have installed it and started it and configured and it’s running fine.

I have seen that the version is 12 while the 15 has been released in 2022. Is it possible to upgrade the version of the database server or is it mandatory to use v12 to be able to see it in Webmin ?
Do you plan to upgrade the version for Webmin ?


I’m using Debian 11 and it is using 13.11. I think it is more an issue of whether you should go do a version your distro isn’t supporting. Do you need the features offered by the latest version?

Ok i understand, no I don’t know any feature I would need from v15 but that was just to be sure I was not blocked with a very old version

Webmin has nothing to do with the packages in your OS. We aren’t the maintainers of PostgreSQL, nor do we package PostgreSQL for your OS. You picked an OS, and that’s where your packages come from.

I recommend you use the packages provided by your OS, as long as the OS is maintained and not EOL (in which case, you need to upgrade to a version of your OS that is maintained). Going out of your way to replace packages from sources other than the distro usually puts you in a situation of having to actively monitor for new versions and update manually when available, sometimes with a dump/restore being required for database major version changes. Most Linux distros pick a version of everything when they roll a release, and stick with the same version for the life of the distro version, only merging patches to fix security issues and other serious bugs. That’s a feature not a bug; changing major versions of most software, but especially databases, in a production environment can be a complicated, risky, and time-consuming process.

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