Postfixadmin - Webmin/Virtualmin


I am a beginner in the management of web server, I try to configure a OVH.

I have already installed Debian, webmin / Virtualmin (My configuration OVH (OVH) 2TB with Debian 7.3 - Version 1.660 Webmin and Virtualmin release 4.04.gpl.GPL (I installed after you install an ssh key)) and I looking for help to install and configure Posfixadmin this configuration.

Can you help me by telling me how to install this Posfixadmin configuration and configure it so that I can use it on different virtual server created under Virtualmin?

Please Thanks


It seems like “Postfixadmin” has a similar set of features as Virtualmin - configuring email accounts, forwardings and stuff.

I’m not sure if you’d want to use it together with Virtualmin. Chances are that the two will clash with each other, since both are meant to configure the same things, i.e. make changes to the same config files etc.

Is there a reason why you want Postfixadmin, and not use the email functions that Virtualmin provides?


I am looking for a way so that I can delegate the management of a domain (hosted on my server (debian / webmin / Virtualmin) has an administrator.

I am the super administrator and I have a domain administrator. It could set the number of email boxes, the limit or not quotas.

The domain administrator can create, modify and suppriner of mailboxes, aliases, quotas mailboxes.

Is Virtualmin done this and if so how?

Is it possible to give management rights for the bases of data and FTP account? if so how?

I started with Webmin / Virtualmin.

Please Thanks


Yeah you can create “Extra Admins” for Virtualmin virtual servers and assign them access rights. Prerequisite is that the “Webmin Login” feature is activated.


Thank you for this answer.

How to activate: “Webmin login”?

How to create the rules / limits for a virtual server (domain) when I log in as root (postfix, mysql, proftpd), for example allow quotas for mailboxes and the establishment of maximum 5 email boxes, 6 databases, subdomain 1 and 7 ftp accounts (an unmarked 1 and 6 registered)?

How to create a “non administrator” for a virtual server (domain)? How to grant management rights on such and such parts (postfix, mysql, proftpd)?

Please Thanks


1.: “Virtualmin -> Edit Virtual Server -> Enabled Features”.

2.: “System Settings -> Account Plans” and assign the proper plan to your virtual server.

3.: “Virtualmin -> Administration Options -> Manage Extra Admins”

thank you very much

I tested it the next night