Postfixadmin on Virtualmin (and/or the Virtualmin mail user scheme)

Quite some time ago we ruled out using Virtualmin for domain mail because its scheme relied on the password file and subsequently for users to know that their login would not necessarily match their email address or the part of their email address before the @ sign: = sales-something-unique logging into = sales-something-else-unique logging into

Where of course most people are just used to logging into their email accounts as either using “sales” and setting the servers for “” or using “sales@their-domain” for the login… the Virtuamin solution would confuse users who would doubtlessly forget their one-time set-up “-something-unique” bit.

One solution for using Postfix and Dovecot for domains mail is to use Postfixadmin which does a few jobs including allowing users to use for their login.

Is the model that I described still the Virtualmin way?

Is there a work around?

Has anyone successfully integrated postfixadmin into Virtualmin? Postfixadmin stores users in MariaDB so that and are inherently unique and it handles some things like adding and removing users nice in an “each domain owner has an admin that only sees their stuff” kind of way. …But I like Webmin and Virtualmin for making certain things that aren’t that obvious in Linux, like how much space things are taking up or where something’s config files are, etc easy… not to mention creating new domains in the GUI and having it do good things with config files… so I would like to use it if I can.


OS type and version Ubuntu 20.04
Virtualmin version 7.10.0

You’re mistaken about Virtualmin’s username convention. The default is user@domain.tld and has been for several years. (And from almost the beginning user@domain.tld was a configurable option.)

For some time, that also required another user named user-domain.tld to make Postfix happy. That’s no longer the case in recent Postfix versions. But, that was never a user-facing concern. Users could login with user@domain.tld.

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