Postfix wrong mail address

Hi all,

I hope I posted at correct section. I want to ask something about mail address which displayed on "from’ section.

First of all I want to let you know the situation:

  1. I have webmin + virtualmin, everything is working perfect, including mail server. Dovecot receives mails correctly, and postfix sends mails without problem (I use SendGrid relay as my ISP blocking ports 25/465/587)
  2. I have and domains and both of them has users named admin. In this case user for is and is (as I can’t create 2 user with same name)

Now about the problem:
When I send mail from any of these mails, recipient sees mail address in “from” section as (or I know that we can edit for single domain, but I don’t know what to do in such a situation. So the template is user@localhost.localdomain, but I want it to look like mapped virtual domains as (because even if I can chance localhost.localdomain to real domain name, username is still problem as I want it to show, but not

Sorry for my bad explanation, I would like to see someone helping about it

Take a look in Webmin -> Servers -> Postfix Mail Server -> Virtual Domains

You should have a couple of entries that look something like

along with all the ones that Virtualmin creates (,,,

Hi noisemarine, thanks for reply

The problem is I have them and they are all correct. But I still get wrong names on sent mail

Actually, I think I got your problem backwards in my head. You should probably be looking in Virtualmin -> the domain virtual server -> Edit Users, and check the email address there. I’ve assumed you are talking about mail sent from within Usermin.