Postfix version upgrade


The version of postfix currently installed is 2.10.1 and i have virtualmin/webmin running
Webmin version 1.953
Usermin version 1.802
Virtualmin version 6.10

I am guessing I can independently update postfix version to the latest one, right?


Not being any kind of Postfix expert, I will only say that I did so successfully using the GhettoForge repo and the instructions at .

That’s not a recommendation that you do so, mind you. It’s just the story of a few minutes in a day of my life.

The resulting install generated a warning in the mail logs of “do not list domain [hostname] in BOTH mydestination and virtual_alias_domains,” which was easily corrected.

The contents of /etc/webmin/postfix/version also had to be manually edited, and Webmin restarted, to make Webmin / Virtualmin aware of the change. Ilia says that will be automatic in an upcoming Webmin update.

I have had no problems since the Postfix upgrade, which was a few days ago, including using SNI with no hiccups.


You might be interested in this guide. Share your expirience.

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