Postfix users email address

Hi all,
I met this problem 2 days ago:

OS: Fedora 7
MTA: Postfix
When a user send a message it reach the destination but the sender address appear user-domain.tld@domain.tld

This is a function of the mail client.

In Usermin web mail you can configure it to figure out the sender address from the Postfix virtual map (or sendmail generics table, if you were using sendmail). There’s an item about this in the troubleshooting documentation:,troubleshooting_common_problems/#usermin_webmail_sends_with_incorrect_fromaddress

It’s also in the Usermin FAQ here:

For other mail clients, this will obviously be different (but we like Usermin webmail, and have many big changes coming in the next few weeks to make it even better). SquirrelMail has a module available to handle virtual hosting–I believe Jamie has added this to the default install on Virtualmin Professional systems, but I might be misremembering.

Hi Joe
And thanks for your attention.
The problem still present but with some domains only
I use squirrelmail as web mail client

You’ll probably want to look into the VLogin plugin for SquirrelMail. I’m not really an expert on Squirrel…we recommend Usermin for webmail. What does SquirrelMail do for you that Usermin doesn’t?