Postfix: Sender HELO different depending on which virtualserver

Hi everyone,

Would it be possible to setup Postifx for each virtual server in order to send different Helo to other mx servers?
I mean i would like each virtualserver to have different ip address (ip4 or ipv6). Each ip will have a reverse dns records same as the Helo greetings of postfix. How to do that with postfix? Thanks a lot.


While it’s possible to have a different IP address used depending on who is sending the email, I’m not aware of how to get it to use a different HELO depending on which IP is being connected to.

I haven’t tested this, but I suppose it’s possible that would occur by setting up the sender dependent outgoing IP address… how to do that is described here:

Note though that the above will only work on Postfix 2.7.

Again, I’m not sure if that’ll do what you’re after, but it seems worth a try :slight_smile:


Thanks Eric, as always .
i will give it a try. Default Postfix in virtualmin is version 2.6.6. We can update it without troubles?


Virtualmin doesn’t actually provide Postfix, that comes with your distro.

We don’t recommend using a third party repository in order to upgrade packages, as that can cause problems.

However, there are folks who did manage to successfully upgrade some packages, such as Postfix. So it may be possible to do so.

We’d advise caution in doing that, and would certainly suggest trying it on a test server before making that change on your production server, if you were to try that.