Postfix send to additional ip specific domain

OS type and version Almalinux 8
Webmin version 2.001
Virtualmin version 7.2
Related packages postfix

i have new server.
with main ip i can’t send to some recipient because ip is in this blacklist

so i ordered a new ip to my provider.
so i configure postfix to use additional ip, but with this is i can’t send to gmail (and mx google related)
so i’m not lucky in theese days…

so ,can i configure postfix to use primary ip but only for some domains use additional ip?

i check on mxtoolbox blacklist and primary and additional ips are clean (except for uceprotect3).
i configurare with hostname and RDNS.
but i ever always this problem…

thank you

short answer, no.
“except for” , doesn’t mean clean. (even if uceprotect is garbage.)

get a clean ip or a new provider, wait for a few months/years of dealing with outgoing email being treated as spam, contact receiving parties to mark your emails as not-spam, and then if you take care of your reputation continuously, you’ll be considered low reputation and will be able to bypass main ip filters.

yes i know.

but i have some mail server with ip (blacklisted on uceprotect3) without problems…

this is a new server, so ips is not clean.
i already asked to provider a change ip, changed but is very very clean…
i have same problem with some domain…
so, can i setup postfix to send all email with primary ip,
but recipients is * or * with additional ip?

thank you in advance


IP reputation is the key to successful email delivery. Getting and maintaining a good reputation is often a full time job as there are so many ways to get blacklisted by providers and sometimes it feels like an endless battle getting off their blacklist.

As someone who manages dozens of email servers, successfully delivers millions of messages daily I know all too well the pitfalls of keeping things running smooth.

Most, if not all IPs provided by your hosting provider, regardless of who you use is “used”. Many of them were abused by their previous user, or at the first sign of problems legit or not were tossed back, left with a poor reputation.

Most hosting providers do NOT go through a process of cleaning up the IP reputation of those which are now blacklisted.

All hope is NOT lost though, and do NOT buy into BS which will tell you that an IP from X provider are all screwed.

We utilize dozens of droplets from Digital Ocean for instance.

Many of DO’s IP addresses are blacklisted initially, but through careful usage, warming up, and dispute resolution we fix each IPs reputation though bare in mind this process can sometimes take time and a lot of effort.

If you do NOT want to deal with this or do NOT know how to prevent and address blacklisting, I suggest outsourcing your email delivery to someone else. Whether it’s Gmail or Microsoft, or a middle man provider like Postmark or SendGrid, pay them to deal with this task.

You could also hire a seasoned system admin like me, but keep in mind as noted above preventing and addressing blacklisting is a process – my time therefore could get expensive if your budget is limited. I do however operate for one client a 12 node email cluster which sends about half a million or more messages daily to over 1,000 mailing lists with minimal issues.

*** Professional, Affordable, Trusted Technical Assistance – ***

ok, thank you for reply.
so explain my situation.

i manage this mail server for a friend.
it’s not mine, i have some mail server without ip problem.
so i know something to keep clean an ip (or server) and prevent spam…

but in this case server (VM) is new, with ip that is blocked by
and already changed additional ip that blocked by google.

so now i would send almost all mail by primary ip , and only few by additional ip.

if you can do that or help me (without change all server/ip) i can pay without a problem (i need a quote befire) , but how you wrote i can’t pay very month a fee to check ip reputation…
so if you have a solution for me i can write you by form on your website.


thank you again

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