Postfix Problem with virtual host


i have a virtual host without email feature, and when someone on the same server sends a email to that address, it will bounce back, althought the mailserver entry on the web’s DNS points to another mail host. How can i fix that? can i flush the DNS cache of my bind0 system? Do i have to enter a special zone or routing? DNS is a mystery to me, i am glad, if it works :slight_smile:

Thanks and best

Ah, to make it clear. Someone writes to me, his mailserver is NOT on the virtualmin server but his webpage is. And if i answer back to the sending address, postfix bounces the mail back to me. …

What error are you getting when it bounces back?

Also what is the output of /var/log/mail

You mail server errors will be caught there and should help you troubleshoot this issue.

With out the error code you are getting in your bounce email or the output of your /var/log/mail there is no way to tell where the issue is coming from and/or what is causing it.