Postfix problem when saving config in virtualmin wipe out

Any version

I’ve added manual lines like rbl spam by editing the manually. Latelly wanted to make a change by webinterface. Noticed that about 56 LINES WHERE WIPE OUT from the when saving. It looks like a bug. I had to restore config from git. Of course mail stopped working.

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We would need more details on how the issue could be reproduced.


What details do you need? it runs on ubuntu 20.04.02 virtualmin 6.16
It looks like when saving using webinterface virtualmin creates config again. We can arrange server access so it can be checked. thanks

What lines exactly where missing?

from the when saving

When saving it in which editor or which part of UI?

Postfix module for Webmin doesn’t arbitrarily removes any lines. It preserves any configuration, including the comments.

Is it possible that you had file opened and edited at the same time from two different points?

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