Postfix Max size of a message


I have this field: “Max size of a message” set to 20480000 and still I get an error when trying to attach a document greater than 2MB size…

What that can be?

Thank you!

I was able to fix this…

Here’s what I did:

Go to WebMin
go to: Others–> PHP Configuration and edit the following files (selecting “Manage”)

Change the values shown in:
Maximum file upload size
Maximum HTTP POST size
to whatever size you want, in my case was 20M

From Virtualmin, selected my website or virtualhost where I wanted up to 20M size attachments and went to:
Services–> PHP5 Configuration
Then selected Resource Limits
and modified this:

Maximum file upload size
Maximum HTTP POST size

again to 20M in my case.


Yes, there are multiple variables which need to be adjusted in PHP in order to support larger files, not just the single one as you discovered. Cheers!

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