Postfix mas mail setting for 1000 recipients

i posted a topic here a while back asking about mass mail with postfix. I still cant get more than 300 out of 1000 mails sent.

Can someone give me the settings for postfix in webmin so my client can send 1000 emails???

They dont need to be time delayed that much either.


What error(s) are you getting?

I got some "user over quota" errors but threw the rest away out of frustration. And there is so much in the mail log I dont know what to look for.

I increased the users email quota disk space, but dont understand why they need a large quota to to send a small message to a lot of people?

i will try to dig up the errors.


but dont understand why they need a large quota to to send a small message to a lot of people?

I don’t know. I guess it depends on how it’s being sent (bcc, cc, one-message-per-destination). The MTA (Postfix) definitely does have to queue the messages, as 1000 messages won’t go out anywhere near instantaneously. And every message destination is going to be unique…different header for each one. In the bcc and cc case, I would think it would generate them and queue them at a fair rate, and wouldn’t run into any “bigness” issues. One-message-per-destination might balloon up fast.

I would kinda think that the queue would be managed by the Postfix user, rather than the sending user, but I’m not sure of that. It’s not a situation I’ve ever had to figure out before. I’ve simply never needed to send to more than maybe 50 destinations in one email…by the time it gets beyond that I’m either using a Perl script, or using a mailing list manager like Mailman. Other folks seem to have had some luck with the various newsletter type scripts…I think we even have one or two in Install Scripts, though I know nothing about their quality or how they work.

Another possible source of quota usage would be in the sent folder. If it’s one-message-per-destination, it’ll be producing 1000 copies in the sent mail folder. Obviously, that’ll take some space.

Without actually knowing the errors, it’s really hard to say. I can’t very readily reproduce the problem (I don’t have a list of 1000 test email addresses that I can send to without actually spamming people). If you wanted to zip up the maillog from an attempted run, rather than deleting it, and send it to me, I might be able to make some sense out of it. (Also note, I don’t mean mail client errors…those are usually not the whole story. maillog is where the truth lies.)