postfix configuration issue?

I appear to be only able to send emails to the on my server, instead of also to the added virtual email addresses.

In email settings I have “additional email addresses” defined as:

Yet sending to those emails doesn’t work. Only works… What could the problem be?

I see no errors in the maillog.


What happens when you send an email to one of those other email addresses? Do you receive a bounce message?

Also, looking in the email log, what does the log show when sending a message?


No, no bounce email, just nothing. When sending a message from another system to , there is nothing in the maillog… :frowning:


Hmm, if there’s nothing at all in the mail log, that suggests it’s not hitting your server at all.

Does your provider connections to port 25? Some providers block that port.

If it’s not that, my guess would be that the issue is related to DNS. You may want to check the nameservers for your domain, and make sure that they’re pointing to the correct location.

Also, you could try going to a site such as, and have them provide you with a DNS report. I often use that site for testing DNS settings.