Postfix configuration error

When I am tryinh to install Postfix mail server through Webmin I am encountering the error given in the screeshot attached. Please help !

Screenshot link :

What mail server do you have installed at the moment? It’s possible you could run into trouble if another mail server is active.

However, to see the error, you might want to log into the shell via SSH, and run this command:

/etc/init.d/postfix start

And see what error message you get. You also may want to look in the mail log, either /var/log/maillog, or /var/log/mail.log, to see what errors are being logged.


I am currently running Postfix and no other mail server is installed on the system.

Here are the following pastebins for your reference :

  2. After each attempt to start postfix /var/log/mail.log is throwing up this error :
  3. But my server has enough of free memory :

Hrm, are you by chance running within a VPS such as OpenVZ? Some VPS’s can be quite fickle about their allocation of memory to guest OS’s.

While the amount of RAM you have isn’t huge, it should be enough to launch Postfix… so the fact that you can’t points to some sort of unusual issue such as memory allocation on a VPS :slight_smile:


Yeah , I am on an OpenVZ VPS ! But the fact is I have run earlier Postfix on this VPS with my existing LAMP configuration. Recently I have formatted the VPS and since then facing the problem.

Well, unfortunately, you certainly aren’t the first one to run into memory allocation issues while using OpenVZ… I wish I had a better answer for you – the best I can offer is to talk to your provider, and say “Hey, I’m trying to run stuff when I have plenty of RAM, but I’m getting memory allocation issues”, and to work with them to get it up and running.

That, or perhaps see if they offer different VPS flavors, such Xen-based systems which don’t seem to run into those particular issues :slight_smile:


Well , for the time being I escaped from the problem . I uninstalled Postfix and tried SendMail . And fortunately it worked :slight_smile: