Postfix Config subtlety

I was trying to configure some outgoing address mapping. New to webmin.

In Postfix->Canonical Mapping → Tables for Sender Address… it was quite confusing.

  • Clicking in the empty field gets nothing
  • Clicking the icon to the right seems to want a filename. Anything I typed failed. (For a moment I thought it wanted a local file… nope)
  • The help icon is clear as mud (It’s just a sentence from the postfix man page)

I dug around a LOT to learn this is an actual postfix param file, aka hash:/etc/postfix/sender_canonical … and once I have saved that (even if the file doesn’t yet exist), the Canonical config page now functions properly!


  • Add a “sensible” example to the recipient and sender map help
  • Perhaps pre-fill the map-definition popup with a sensible value?
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Both are good suggestions from @MrPete and should be implemented but at the same time I wish to point out that the existing interface has worked quite well for me (and also for others, I suppose, who know their way around Postfix) because it enables Webmin to be configured to use whatever filename that we have carried forward from our legacy system and which we may wish to keep unchanged so that our legacy documentation and scripts do not break.

Good call. Think examples in many sections of Virtualmin/Webmin would be helpful. Appreciate somebody has to do it and time consuming compared to other more critical issues.


I am learning more of what webmin/virtualmin actually are… and are not. :wink:

To some extent, as noted by @calport, this example demonstrates that functioning config items are (mostly) visible and tweakable in webmin. I like that… a lot!

I will be taking advantage of that. Looks like I can insert my more advanced settings into my new… and from there go on to discover how/if they are reflected in the webmin UI/UX :smiley:

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