Postfix broken Message-ID for virtual servers


I am having some problems with seeing emails arriving from virtual servers with Message-ID:

It seems Postfix or a milter creates 2 @ signs in Message-ID, breaking it.

From the same server, but from the main domain, Message-ID is shown as: 00f901d2473d$d1a319f0$74e94dd0$@ro

Any clue as to why only the Message-ID for extra virtual servers might get 2 @ signs?

Thank you

Hi, just check in - what os you are using on server?

I do apologize. Was in a hurry and tired. Still am :slight_smile:
Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS

ah sure :slight_smile: 14,04 is obsolete now you should update and deal with issues going with latest distro… sorry on debian everything works :slight_smile:

Unborn, you should stop with the distro update replies.
This is the second time you reply to one of my topics without contributing with anything useful. In fact, without contributing anything at all.

Found the problem.
It seems the MTA is not the issue but the MUA, Outlook 2007 in this case which is generating non RFC Message IDs.

My bad for not thinking about a MUA problem before opening my “mouth”.


I did want to follow up to say that Ubuntu 14.04 is a perfectly good distro to be using… it’s still supported by both Ubuntu, and by us.


Hi, sure you are absolutely right, I just realized what you are saying, well - I shall wish you good luck, and thanks for opening my eyes. It wont be happening again ever…