Postfix, all emails to external for WordPress


we use Virtualmin with an Wordpress Installation, but our E-Mails will be managed by an external mail provider for our domain. So when Wordpress send us an email, the email won´t arrive us, because postfix will put the emails within the server instead to send this email out.

Is there an option to prevent this, so that postfix doesn´t use the internal mails?

If you change Virtualmin’s DNS records for the WordPress virtual server to reflect the actual MX for the domain, it might do the trick.

Email generated by WordPress will then reach the real / external mailbox for the domain instead of it getting snagged for delivery to one of the local users / mailboxes for that virtual server in Virtualmin.


You can setup a plugin to make use of SMTP, then configure WordPress to connect to external SMTP server so messages are sent via this server.

Another option is to setup “relayhost” whereby you relay mail via your local Postfix installation to an external server.

It highly depends on how you are doing things, which solution would be most appropriate. Additional steps may be necessary.

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This is a WordPress question, Virtualmin has no part in how WordPress sends mail, if it isn’t sending it via local sendmail command (though if everything will be using an external mail server you could setup relaying in Postfix).