Postfix Alias Problem


Got a strange problem with postfix alias’ …

I’ve set up an alias which should forward email to

If I email that alias from anywhere except from the username@gmail account, it works as it should (for example, from a hotmail account it works fine, from it works - i.e. the email arrives in my gmail inbox)… however, when I email the alias from the gmail account, it doesn’t turn up… i.e. I can’t send email to myself.

Right, I know that perhaps not being able to send email to myself is not the most important thing, but I should be able to it.

I’ve checked the mail log, and it all seems fine (i.e. similar entry to when mail comes in from not-the-gmail-alias ).

Does anyone have a clue where I’m going wrong?

Many thanks,

Thought I should add:
Debian Etch
Linux Newbie (when it comes to servers anyway!)

I’ve just setup another alias for a domain that isn’t gmail (a friends account on another box), and that is fine - I can email myself no problem - it’s just gmail that is the issue… however, I would like to resolve it in case if effects other parts (and other users) in the future.

Any ideas…?

Thanks !


Really sorry - it is turning up - it just disappears into gmail’s “all mail” and doesn’t appear as new mail… Although the same alias setup on another machine (debian + postfix, but not virtualmin, and not run by me) it shows up as brand new email.

I will investigate why and post my answers

This is GMail’s magical threading of conversations…you said it, so Google assumes you don’t want to read it again.