Postfix 2.9 dont have the option in virtualmin to send by domain ip

Hi again, like andrey told me, i do a new topic.

i install postfix 2.9, webmin 1.610 and virtualmin 3.97 but the option is not there

[–]Server Configuration
Change Domain Name
Change IP Address
Clone Virtual Server
DNS Options
DNS Records
Edit Proxy Website
Move Virtual Server
PHP Versions
Website Options
Website Redirects

when i was re-checking configuration says this

Mail server Postfix is installed and configured.

Postfix is configured to support per-domain outgoing IP addresses.

before the re-checkin i do all in this page:

so dont know if i do something wrong or if virtualmin dont work with postfix 2.9. please help

Now is working, i can get in option via

System Settings
Features and Plugins
Server Templates
Account Plans
Bandwidth Monitoring
Script Installers
New Feature Log (HERE)
Upgrade to Virtualmin Pro
Cloudmin Services Client
Virtualmin Configuration
Re-Check Configuration

and there

Outgoing SMTP IP Address (Version 3.94) | Try it … (HERE)
The outgoing IP address for email sent from a domain can now be configured to match the domain’s IP, when using Postfix 2.7 or above.

Dont know why i only can get there from this but now i select send via domain ip and is full working, but if can u help me telling me where i should normally get there?