Possible to use separate ip addresses for each domain when sending email?

Yahoo is worthless and keeps considering my outgoing email “bulk” and nothing I do satisfies them despite the fact I am not sending bulk email.

I cannot and do not want to change the primary ip address of the server, through which all outgoing email is directed. Is there a way to get postfix to direct outgoing email for each domain through their designated ip address? I have about 4 sites with dedicated ip addresses and would like them to use those ips when sending mail.


ok I found this:

but only for postfix 2.7 and later? Why is Virtualmin only using 2.3.3? Can we update?


Ah, that’s a pretty cool feature, I hadn’t heard about the sender dependent transport maps.

But as far as the Postfix version being used – Virtualmin simply uses whatever version of Postfix that’s provided with your distribution.

The key, then, would be to use a Linux distribution that comes with the software versions you require.

For example, it looks like Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid) comes with Postfix 2.7. When Debian 6 comes out (which should be in the upcoming weeks), it looks like it’ll come with Postfix 2.7. It’s also possible CentOS 6 will offer that version of Postfix when that distro is released, though I’m not quite sure what package versions they’ll be shipping with.

I don’t believe Virtualmin currently offers a means of configuring those new features via the GUI, you’d certainly be able to manually add them by editing the Postfix config by hand.


Yep, Ubuntu 10.04 currently has Postfix 2.7.0-1 to be exact. :slight_smile: