Possible to use Let's Encrypt via DNS validation using an external DNS provider? Web verification is failing

OS type and version Centos 7.9.2009
Virtualmin version Virtualmin version 7.1

Trying to get Let’s Encrypt working. First time it gave me a message that Web based validation failed and then DNS validation failed. Now when I try to do it it just tells me DNS based failed. Doesn’t even try Web based anymore.

First, how can I diagnose the Web-based validation failure? I have verified the domain is working properly and I can write to the public_html folder. Could there be a permissions or ownership issue?

Alternatively, with the DNS validation, my DNS is hosted elsewhere. I can put the challenge TXT record w/ token no problem. Is there anyway that can be presented to us on the page before we process it? I’ve seen this done elsewhere(not using Virtualmin).

Thank you.

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