Possible to Mass Delete a Script Installer Script?

I was installing LimeSurvey in my server template, but it seems nobody is using it, and the updates are so frequent, it’s a distraction. I’ve got 8 or 10 left. Can I get rid of them in batch?


Sorry, I don’t believe there’s a way to mass-uninstall an Install Script.

You can disable them so no one else can install it – in System Settings -> Scripts Installers -> Disable Scripts.

However, for actual removal, I believe you’ll need to go through and do each one individually.


Now that I’ve updated those instances, I can’t find a quick Virtualmin way to locate them again. Is there a systematic way to find out where a given app is installed?

At least I was consistent in naming the directories. Here’s a find command somebody may find useful:

find / -maxdepth 3 -name whateveryouresearchingfor


Failing that, I would like to have a clean way to locate/list the paths to instances of a given program.

It’s not trivial, because Joomla, for example, is installed in the root, not a tell-tale name sake directory like I use for some apps.


Linking to the bug report on this:


We’ll see what Jamie has to say in that bug report, but the only way I know of to handle that would be to go into /etc/webmin/virtual-server/scriptlog, and do a search for the Install Scripts in question.


Yeah, that’s very informative, and I should have linked to my FR. Thanks for handling that.

I am looking to do an rsync of just Script Installer managed Joomla instances for now.


This is one of those things that is best done using the command-line API. If you wanted to remove all instances of sugarcrm from all domains, you could do it with a shell loop like :

for dom in virtualmin list-domains --name-only; do
virtualmin delete-script --domain $dom --type sugarcrm

Posted by JamieCameron on Sun, 2010-03-14 13:10

Anyone know how to enhance this a tiny bit to say, if a certain table in the installed application’s database has < X records?

For example, delete SugarCRM if the number of Contacts is <2.

I reached a dead end in the API docs.


So I’m assuming from what I’ve seen you can’t delete a script that has been uploaded into virtualmin unless you run a script like the delete-script.pl?

I’ve SSH’ed into the server and looked in the directories some forum entries have suggested but no luck to find the script I uploaded…

I think its a bit surprising you can disable a script but not remove it. Thats seems odd.

Hopefully I’m not missing an obvious step to remove the script…

Thanks again.


Install Scripts are located in either /usr/{libexec|share}/webmin/virtual-server/scripts/, or /etc/webmin/virtual-server/latest-scripts/.

If you want to remove one, you can delete it and then restart Webmin.