Possible Lost Wildcard Feature After Migrate

Centos 7
Virtualmin GPL

It’s possible that I don’t understand how this mod works but, prior to migrating an SSL-enabled virtual server to a new instance of Virtualmin I had a Lets Encrypt SSL that included:


on the new server these have disappeared and there are no autodiscover/autoconfig options under ‘Domains associated with this server’. I am assuming the above allow for wildcard certs.

However, at the time I also migrated a non SSL-enabled virtual server to this new instance. If I now enable SSL (Apache SSL website enabled?), on that non-SSL server, and view the Lets Encrypt tab I see there are autodiscover/autoconfig options under ‘Domains associated with this server’.

Something seems to have got lost in the migration of the mydomain.com virtual server. I migrated using Vmin’s backup and restore features and have disabled/re-enabled ‘Apache SSL website enabled?’ but the autodiscover/autoconfig options do not appear.

If I manually add the autoconfig.mydomain.com & autodiscover.mydomain.com to the ‘Domain names listed here’ section the creation of a new cert simply hangs.