Possible for Virtualmin to Create Database at user level?

I have read this doc: http://www.virtualmin.com/documentation/tutorial/how-to-create-database

And wonder if Virtualmin logged as user can create a database. This is very important for user hosting to create their own database without admin/root access.

Yup, a Virtual Server owner can create a database user, if they have rights to do so (which I believe they do by default).


Ok after playing more than 2 hours on Virtualmin UI I found the Create Database feature!

Why so long? Because when I click “Server - MySQL Database Server” then Virtualmin show me the default database but there is a small link “Return to database list”. This happen WHEN THERE IS 1 DATABASE ONLY.

So, I think better Virtualmin show the list of database when I click “Server - MySQL Database Server”, even ONLY 1 DATABASE, ok?

Also, by default Virtualmin better automatically add PREFIX to the database name, think this server used by many people in Share Hosting environment.

kotakomputer is right, it would be nice to have the account owner name as prefix for database the virtualmin user creates, in this way is very easy to see which database belong to who.

user: romolo

databases: romolo_drupal, romolo_wpress

is it currently possible to tun on this setting / behaviour ?

Sure, you can do that.

To set a database prefix, go into System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default -> MySQL Database.

In there, you can tweak “Prefix for additional databases”.

On my system, I typically set that to:


Thanks for the tip I’ll try to tweek the settings