Possible Bug with Database Deletion


A previous post (http://www.virtualmin.com/index.php?option=com_flyspray&Itemid=82&do=details&task_id=4872) mentioned a bug that was supposed to have been fixed in release 3.64 but has not occurred yet. I am running version 3.65.gpl and finding this error as well. When I try to create a database username using a username once I have deleted it and, i get the alert that it is already associated with it and exists… when it should not.

This seems to occur when another username is associated with a domain.

Example: example.com’s username is example
if i try to use example2.com’s username as example, even if formatted as example@example2.com, it will give that error.


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The bug tracker is the place to discuss bugs. You’ve already found a bug that you think covers your problem…so add a comment to it! :wink: