port addresses work but port 80 incorrect location

Hi please help with this nightmare.

I have recently had my 2wire modem go down. It used dmzplus to use my public static ip as the lan ip

ie became so any traffic sent to the modem would simply go to the server.

I have had to get another modem which also has a dmz but still keeps the local ip address as private.

when i try to access virtualmin from the web via port 10000 everything works ok - so do any other ported addresses.

My problem is when i try to access a domain on my server via port 80 and all i see regardless of the domain name i use is the linux server folder (/var/www/html) not the domain local http directory.

The domain ip’s are still set as the public address in bind and i have changed nothing else.

can someone please try to point me in the right direction.