POP3 SSL - yes no maybe

Hello everybody,

It’s true I am a newbie with a problem (off course).
Could you help me … please.

I have problems downloading my e-mails (POP3) in Virtualmin. The only way I can download them is to use a SSL connection. I’ve been googling for some time but I can’t find a solution for my problem. For security reasons that would be okay.

Is a download over POP3 only this way possible?

Greetings from Germany

you may want to check webmin - servers - postfix server - SMTP Authentication And Encryption - Enable TLS encryption? set to never or If requested by client.
see if that helps

Hi thanks for the quick reply.

I tried it. I want to test oulook as a mailclient. I think maybe somthing is wrong with the username.

If I use the Imap/FTP ID and SSL i can download. If I use the Imap/FTP ID without SSL outlook asks me for logindata. I thought login would for POP3 would be user.domain

user: prv0001
domain: tina-turner.cn

username POP3: prv0001.tina-turner

2e user

user: info
domain: tina-turner.cn

username POP3: info.prv0001.tina-turner ???

Much regards :slight_smile:

POP3 username is the name mentioned under virtualmin > Edit Mail and FTP Users > IMAP/FTP login

My mailclient funktions with POP3 username: user.IMAP/FTP login name
not with user.domain

Further I did:

Webmin > Servers > Dovecot IMAP/POP3 > SSL Configuration > Disallow plaintext authentication in non-SSL mode? No

I hope it can help somebody else to.