POP3 slow


I am facing issues with POP3 access, am on Virtualmin 3.79 GPL. For a week, now my POP3 clients are reporting slow access speeds. I have done all checks on dovecot and discussed this by posting this issue to the dovecot mailing list, where they have recommended an upgrade.

The dovecot version is 1.0.7 and according to the dovecot mailing list, I should get upgraded to version 1.2, to get a performance boost. A trace on dovecot has been analyzed and the configuration was ok. I did run a network check, and it seems that there has been no major depreciation in services.

Most of my POP3 clients are on Outlook.

Is there anyway that I can get an updated version of dovecot, from the Virtualmin repositories ?

I will post the dovecot trace results, in case they are required.


Virtualmin just uses the version of Dovecot that comes with your Linux distribution… Virtualmin doesn’t package Dovecot.

If your distribution doesn’t package the version of Dovecot you want, you may need to either find an alternate Dovecot package, or consider a different distribution… for example, the new Ubuntu comes with Dovecot 1.2.



Thanks for the info.