POP before Smtp ?

hi is there an option to activate pop before smtp login handling?
I search in the web for reasons with the Dovecot IMAP/POP3 Server.
But all what i found was a handling with peral scripsts. Is there a faster way in virtualmin to activate this?

Thanks, Pierre Arlt

I don’t believe Virtualmin has something like that built-in.

That said, most email clients these days support SMTP authentication, is it at all possible to have your client authenticate via SMTP before sending email?

You do not want POP before SMTP. That’s ancient nasty hacky stuff. SMTP authentication is setup out of the box for you (assuming you used the install script, and if not, setting it up is easy, and is documented…somewhere, maybe the FAQ…let me know if you need a link and I’ll dig up our docs on the topic).