pop authentication issue - don't know where to start


I have a VMPro install that overall I’m very happy with, but it accurately reflects the underlying complexity of some parts of the server’s operations and in this one I’m lost.

Mailman works fine, IMAP works fine, forwarding works fine pop3 doesn’t.

Using the exact same credentials I use for IMAP in my pop3 settings gets me an authentication failure. I don’t know where to start.

Ideas? config files to examine? I’ve looked at postfix and dovecot but a) don’t see anything amiss and b) don’t know enough to know if these are the right places and c) don’t know enough to be sure that there isn’t something amiss that I’m missing.

Suggestions welcome.


Hi Dave,

When authenticating via POP, what sorts of errors do you see in the mail logs… that would be either /var/log/maillog, or /var/log/mail.log, depending on your distro.


Hi Eric,

sorry to have been so long getting back to you but the issue is dealt with now. There were multiple problems. The users were mistakenly trying to log in using username@domain.tld in some cases and in others using username only rather than user.domain.

Also, it appears that VCM sets up an automatic initial mail address when creating a virtual site called sitename, and that login to that email account works without a domain, i.e., for domain at domain.tld no .domain part is needed, authentication takes place ok without it. Not intuitive to me and non-orthogonal. But anyway it’s dealt with now.