POP 3 Connect


I would like to know if there is there any way to configure virtualmin to pop3 collect messages on another email server to certain mailbox.


This isn’t Virtualmin’s area. It is not a mail client (it has a Read Mail module tucked down in Webmin, but that’s not really relevant).

What you want is Usermin. It has full POP3/IMAP support, and so you can create a mailbox and configure Usermin to connect to the other server to download your mail.

Thanks for this fast answer.

The idea was to allow a consolidation of mailboxes on a server in a transparent way for the user. There are some email servers that allow this kind of function.

But I understood that the way available is through usermin.


There are some email servers that allow this kind of function.

It’s not acting as a mail server, if it is retrieving mail via POP3. It’s acting as a mail client. :wink:

But, pedantics aside, Virtualmin also is not a mail server. The mail server in most Virtualmin systems is Postfix, which does not (to the best of my knowledge) including POP3 client functionality.

There are pretty standard tools that do, though. fetchmail can be used to periodically retrieve mail and deposit it into a given mailbox. Webmin has a module for fetchmail. That module is documented here: